Are gyms a thing of the past?

Don’t get me wrong, gyms will never disappear. However, there is a feeling that a lot people are shifting to exercising from home. With the ever increasing online presence of fitness communities will the shift to doing home-workout classes be taken up by more people?

How easy is it to workout from home?

Completing home workouts can often be seen as difficult due to a lack of space, lack of equipment or time. If you have a trainer that doesn’t care about you on a personal level they won’t look to help you. There are many online fitness providers that will give you the home workout experience at a reasonable value but take your requirements into their planning of sessions. Thus, giving you that personable approach that can be lost from going to the gym.

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Why would I ever leave the gym?

This is where you may switch off thinking I will never leave the gym. Obviously, if you are going to gyms to shift a lot of weight through your lifts then you will stay at the gym. Unless you possess a small fortune to purchase equipment. However, if your sole purpose of the gym is to go and participate in the classes they put on and you spend £40+ a month for this; is it really worth it?

Take the example of your WIFI; you could be spending £100 a month on a service that is less than satisfactory. You are not going to stay with it, you will shop around to find yourself the best deal. These online fitness programmes can provide you the community you are searching for; with a higher level of care about your wellbeing too!

Where is a good online fitness group?

Now it is all down to what you want to experience. It is all about how you feel about your exercise and your own particular requirements. We personally subscribe to an online community that provides us with a whole host of different classes that we can go back to at anytime. They run all of their sessions on Facebook; which means we can just access it on our phones. Never-mind the fact I get notified when the trainers go live.

Who are Janette Cardy Fitness?

Janette Cardy is an Oxfordshire based, Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer. She has run her business in the local area for over 20 years but had to adapt with the outbreak of COVID. They have successfully put their business online and seen a keen group of people looking to build their fitness and enjoy training together from the comfort of their own homes. There is a real sense of friendship in the online group; everyone checks in with each other making sure no one is struggling. The best thing though, it is not just limited to exercise classes. There is often live talks varying from diet and nutrition to setting your goals. Whilst they also run a variety of different masterclasses.

The group have completed over 900 classes in their year online. With each class differing in some way it really makes it a steal at just £12 a month per household. There are no gyms that can offer the same amount of care and support like this.