So what is the offer?

Here is the first members offer. There is only so much a calculator can do for you. Having something that is physically with you can really help you track your progress. We have partnered with FitTrack to bring you closer to smart tools to help you progress and achieve your goals.

Their FitTrack Dara Scales are recommended by doctors and health professionals. These particular scales offer you the chance to record 17 different body metrics. Even better yet, the results can sync directly with your phone! Allowing you to track your progress even easier than before. Click the below banner to take you to the product. While you are there why not take a look at the other products they have to offer.

How do the scales work?

When you stand on the scale, a very low electrical signal is sent from the four electrodes through your feet. Don’t worry this is 100% safe. This signal will calculate your body composition. It is calculated by measuring the resistance on the signal through the fat tissue as the signal passes straight through the water. This is then put into their scientifically validated equation to produce your measurements.

What are you waiting for? Check them out now, their reviews speak for themselves!