Why use the cost of smoking calculator?

This cost of smoking calculator shows you the true cost of smoking. This will show you how much it will cost to smoke on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Whilst you will also find out how much it costs over a 5-year and 10-year period.

This cost of smoking calculator will hopefully deter you from ever starting the habit. However, if you do smoke, this may show you the true amount of money you are spending on your habit that could be put elsewhere.

Why should I care?

Never-mind the cost of smoking, think about the cost on your health. We all know smoking has a huge impact on your general health, and if that isn’t an incentive to quit, hopefully seeing how much you could save is.

You have been smoking all this time and not had issues with the money you have spent on it. So why not quit and put the money into a separate bank account. Therefore, allowing yourself to save up money for a rainy day and secure your future.

Cost of smoking
There is less smoking seen now.

What happens to the body after quitting?

As soon as you stop smoking, the effects of quitting on the body are almost instant.

  • 1 Hour: Blood pressure returns to normal and heart rate drops.
  • 12 Hours: Carbon Monoxide levels return to normal levels.
  • 1 Day: Oxygen levels increase making exercise and physical activity easier.
  • 2 Days: Smell and Taste sensations return to a normal level.
  • 3 Days: Nicotine levels are depleted, irritability and moodiness are common.
  • 1 Month: Lung function improves; cardiovascular activities are easier.
  • 1-3 Months: Circulation continues to improve.
  • 9 Months: Hair like structures in the lungs have healed. Will see a decrease in lung infections.
  • 1 Year: Risk of coronary heart disease has decreased by half.
  • 5 Years: Blood vessels and arteries widen, reducing the risk of blood clots.
  • 10 Years: Risk of smoking related cancers have reduced. This will continue the longer you stay away from the cigarettes.

Want to get help but don’t know where to start? Visit the NHS website so you can get the ball rolling on your quitting process.

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