Why use the calories burnt through exercise calculator?

The calories burnt through exercise calculator will give you a rough idea of how many calories you can expect to burn when participating in exercise. The calories burnt through exercise calculator gives an MET value for each exercise to obtain a value for the number of calories you’d expect to burn.

An MET is the metabolic equivalent of task. According to the American Council on Exercise this is a great way to estimate the amount of calories burnt on a particular exercise.

Calories Burnt through exercise calculator
How many calories are burnt through running at different speeds?

Why calculate the calories you could burn?

So what is the purpose of this calculator? Well by using this calculator to estimate the number of calories you may burn through exercise can help you plan for after exercise. Following exercise you will need to recovery. To do this you will need to eat and drink. Understanding the number of calories you have lost through exercise can help you to replace these. Using our water intake calculator will show you how much water you will need when participating in exercise. However, this isn’t a guaranteed value; the actual amount of calories you burn may be different as it depends on the intensity at which you work for.

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