What does the target heart rate calculator do?

This target heart rate calculator will find your target heart rate for a particular intensity. Therefore, this can help you to aim for a particular level in your exercise and know the intensity you are working at.

With the rise of smart watches with heart rate monitors; this calculator gives a greater control on your training. Therefore, knowledge of your target heart rate can really help you to achieve your goals.

This calculator uses the Karvonen Formula. It was developed by a Finnish man called Martti Karvonen. He was a founding father in the field of cardiovascular epidemiology and disease prevention. The formula for this is: Target HR =((Max HR – Resting HR) * % intensity) + Resting HR. Want to read more about Karvonen, check out this article.

Target heart rate calculator works for all.
Calculator works for all.

Why would I train at different intensities?

To make adaptations and to achieve goals set you need to apply progressive overload to your exercise. Therefore, to do this you need to apply the FITT principle. This helps you to safely apply overload with a reduced risk of injury. However, achieving success is dependent on how well you use it or stick to a plan. Alternatively, you can go into your exercise with no plan but run the risk of injuring yourself and being back at square 1. So what is the FITT principle:

  • F – Frequency: this is how often you complete your exercise. The more often you participate in exercise the more likely you are to see results. However, don’t forget about having rest days as these are key!
  • I – Intensity: This is how hard you are working in your session. The calculator above will give you the heart rate zone so you know what level you are working at.
  • T – Time: This is the length of the exercise programme. However, make sure that the length of your session is adequate to achieve your personal goals.
  • T – Type: This is the particular exercise you are doing. Whether this is a continuous training programme or interval it will all depend on what you want to achieve.

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