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Why do we need water?

There are many functions that the body performs that require water. The removal of waste products, cell performance and sweating all requires a level of hydration to perform at their best. Alongside this, if you are in a state of dehydration and are participating in sport for every your performance will suffer. A 2% loss of body weight through loss of fluid can cause a 10-20% loss in aerobic capacity. This daily water intake calculator can give you a value on how much water you should be consuming daily. This amount will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day and when participating in exercise.

water intake calculator
Calculate your hydration needs.

What factors can affect my fluid intake?

There are many areas that can affect your hydration day to day. You will see that this water intake calculator takes into account several different factors before giving your daily fluid result. The list below will give you a few other factors that can cause and increase or decrease to your daily fluid intake.

  • Age
  • Height
  • Environment
  • Activity Level
  • Illness
water intake calculator for your needs.
Hydration is a key aspect of life.

How often should I hydrate?

If the water intake calculator says that you should aim for 3.5L a day, don’t consume this all in one go. Aim to consume your water throughout the day having a few sips at a time. If you consume too much water in one go, it will just leave the body in your urine as a waste product. Alternatively, if you over-hydrate you put yourself at risk of death; this is due to the excess fluid diluting your blood and flushing out the sodium that performs a vital role within the cells. However, remember you can flavour your water to make it more interesting.

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