Weight Loss and Accountability – Free E-Book


Looking to lose weight and don’t know where to start? Our free E-Book looks to make the process as simple as possible for you. Create a better you with the use of this book.

Whats included?

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Physical Activity and Lifestyle
  • Preparation and Recovery
  • Tracking Progress
  • Our 10 Top Tips for Weight Loss

Read more about whats in this book below.

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In this free weight loss and accountability E-Book you will learn a variety of different things that can help you to maintain your weight or lose weight dependent on your own personal goals.

Diet and Nutrition: We cover everything that will come together to make up your balanced diet. You can see how much of each specific macronutrient you require and calculate the quantities you need of each. Learn how you can burn more calories without increasing your physical load. How will your change of diet affect your metabolism.

Physical Activity and Lifestyle: This chapter covers the setting of goals, how you can progress your exercise simply. Whilst also covering the aspect of the impact of lifestyle on weight loss.

Preparation and Recovery: Learn how and why you should prepare before you exercise. Then following your exercise see how to recover so that you can achieve at your optimal level. Finally, the impact of your sleep on your success.

Tracking your Progress: Our weight loss strategy is covered in this chapter. Also we advise on the best ways to track your progress, through measuring your weight, tracking body measurements and counting your calories.

How to download your weight loss E-Book?


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Can I re-download?

Of course. We want you to use this resource to better yourself! We allow 25 downloads per account, whilst the link to your download is available for a year before you will have to get the link again.

You will have two ways to download this, either on the website or through your emails.

If downloading on the website, sign in and go to my account. You will then see an option for ‘downloads’. Your E-Book will be in here.

Why would I recommend this E-Book?


What is spoken about in this book will not get you losing weight over night. Ultimately, this comes down to you and how you adapt your lifestyle to this information. The best thing that you can do is follow our weight loss strategy and you will find your weight falling off of you.

You can use our calculators to simplify the split of your macronutrients. Our carbohydrate calculator and our protein calculator are customisable to your own goals too! Once you have an idea of what your diet should consist of you will want to look at your exercise. Increasing the number of calories you use during a day can prove beneficial in your weight loss journey.

Keeping motivated can be hard when it comes to exercise. You can help prevent this by setting yourself goals and changing your training to prevent tedium from setting in. If you need equipment for your home workouts we have got you covered. Why not get our home workout and recovery bundle elite? Take control of your exercise and recovery too.


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